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The iPhone mobile builds with the Eco friendly system, and it’s surrounded with high level of security point. Once you enter inside the app store, you know that the security system was strongly built and covered very well. And also the application program runs with complex that no one can access operating system, it has auto backup, cloud facilities to stop intruders and their data. These all things it comes as a default setting only, apart from this, if you handle some unwanted task through iPhone like photos security to generate password that you can’t complete with default settings. But you don’t worry about the security features, Apple’s App store gives you much more of confident what specification that you need to install on your iPhone device. You have a lot’s of choice to build a tight security with external application. Here is the list that you can find and use it on your smartphone for secure moment.


1Password can perform strong and unique password for every site. It keeps your password in safe mode, whenever you want perform it will automatically open and leave your space. The app syncs between iOS devices and also support Mac and another PC.

1Password-screenshot (Custom)

SplashID Safe Password Manager:

SplashID Safe as your personal vault on the iPhone or iPad. You can store and lock sensitive information – not just username and passwords, but credit card data, account numbers, registration codes, prescriptions, and much more.

SplashID-Safe-Screenshot (Custom)

NQ Vault:

NQ Vault is a private photo, video and file storage place, users can supply their photo for a limited time of period. Your store photos and video are encrypted in a safe place, only vault users can access these facilities, using camera machine your data are kept in private conditions, social message are secured while you chat in private, and more that you will get with premium pack.

NQ-Vault-screenshot (Custom)


InRange App for iPhone, if you miss some valuable items or put in the wrong place. The app will alert you that where you have misplaced and find you best practice. This one fits for your Wallet or join with key chain. And it supports with a Bluetooth device. It comes in your handy mobile set.

InRange-Screenshot (Custom)

Private Photo Vault:

The photo and video privacy management app Private Photo Vault support create pin lock, photo protection, Import and export files, file syncs through App store, WiFi photo, email, content transfer and one more thing these data that never store their server and there is no remote access.

Private=Photo-Vault-Screenshot (Custom)

Find My iPhone:

If you miss or stolen, your mobile then the app finds you perfectly using with map function, whether it is near or someone to recognize your device, there is music it will continue rings two minutes with the high end volume. Usage of WiFi, you can sit and lock from anywhere or easily can erase your data and mobile settings, change your display screen for your security reason.

Find-My-iPhone-Screenshot (Custom)

Image Credit: David Goehring/ Flickr 

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