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You have a lot of options to select a good software to convert files in any condition. The famous Format factory and Freemake Video Converter and more coming into the line to give you a perfect answer.

In this field, if you are a newcomer or an end user, you have a little bit dilemma to pick the best program that gives you all varieties of features and enhancement. So you can apply to someone that they impress your project.

Adapter is a free multipurpose file converter machine that does lots more. The program depends on FFmpeg during file conversion and it applies to download after installation. Once you add your files and it sets the time to finish to bring conversion output, so you can feel before and after conversion.

You don’t want to take files maximum time to finish the conversion, because the tool brings a batch folder to convert all in one under the hood. Simply merge your movies, songs and images in the line and set the output folder and press the convert button. The file can move to mobile version and other system device. The unwanted movie portion you can leave easily using trim, and you can convert into any file format, after having this, you can use on the iPhone and Android mobile platform for various file generation.

Adapter has a very clean surface to convert the file into the row to bring output files. If you look more option and features advance panel is the one can tune all of your files before conversion. It’s set a screen resolution, picture frame rate, playback speed and more.

Adapter is a free software media converter that brings on Windows and Mac version making perfect for converting files with simple interface and moving much far using advanced settings. Actually, this feature only takes, if users need to adjust the conversion before converting the files. And there is no doubt, it acts like a running cycle wheel.

Source: Adapter for Windows and Mac   Via: Ghacks

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