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Users are worm welcoming and they are looking something different stuff like photo and video editing tool, even the apps are now gaining more credit from the users, because of people wants some variety of items in the mobile world. Camu is an editing tool app means photo and video purpose app now arrived on Apple’s app store. This cool app was developed by Sumoing, that everyone know the previous Repix photo editor developer. Now it is welcoming you to blend the app on your iPhone and iPad.

The main purpose of this app taking photo and video, all you have to do just the hold the button and the given time you can take short video films. You can see more filter option using finger to swipe either shoot before or afterward. And also you can watch the picture comes with black and white images.

Camu-iPhone-iPad-screenshot1 (Custom)

You can split original picture and set a variety of themes in the picture that you can feel and look like Instagram. Once you finish the making of photo or video, you can send it to the editing area to bring different style including fonts and memorable phrases, the app brings a tilt option to make the image perfect inside the framework.

You can import pictures from camera machine to Camu app, with an easy way it saves all of your photos and videos into the camera, so you can bring them out through from Camu app or iOS support photo app.

The most important and highlight thing, that you can share the photo and video through messenger or post into the social media. Direct messenger that you are sending photos and videos, you must have a contact person list inside the mobile. And a little more feature that adds you to bring all of your photo and video into Instagram file.

The app carrying 14.2 MB file size and it’s compatible with iOS 7 and later version support iPhone and iPad. If you want to stay with Camu, the free app gives way to go ahead to the iTunes Store.

Source: Camu for iOS        Via: the next web 


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