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Gruffalo the living in the jungle, A mouse took a small tour around the wood to find the nuts to eat. Next, you have to take a rest and watch it on the app. The children’s more interesting picture book Gruffalo is now designed to play games on the iPhone and iPad.

Gruffalo the iOS game app was developed by Magic Light Pictures, the app games were based on the story telling picture book was written by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

The 6 packed puzzle game app was integrated with new comeback, outcome, solving ability are all well designed for kids.

In this game, Gruffalo acts like outwit and the mouse around the wood to find some nut. Unexpectedly, there are three hunters who wish to ride and kill the mouse to solve the hunger. So the brilliant mouse decided to live and escape from the them. Now the mouse free from three killers, that’s why they are panicked with dreadful of the Gruffalo.

The app brings the game between Gruffalo and mouse, it has three in the row on both sides to play the game. Now the mouse challenging with Gruffalo to get a piece of nuts, and escape from the danger.

Now, iPhone and iPad users can play with the Gruffalo game app, it’ all about the kids, you can help them, how to ride with Gruffalo. That’s it.

Source: Gruffalo for iOS    Via: the guardian 

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