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An easiest way that anyone can make security with piece of mind that person need to do it. You no need to worry, whether it’s going to give hard of time to unlock every step of features. We have to think that all comes with a simple way. There is no question to raise to come in our mind. After all you need to worry, you did correct or wrong, if you have any doubt then immediately call for the question and get the answer.

Million of files have been shared through the internet, that all the files are secured means, No. When you start doing encrypting files that are currently in safe mode. MiniLock is a Chrome extension browser that needs a register email ID, which is useful to generate a unique passcode, which is sending a half message. And also it can create a number of character identification code. Which is comes phenomenal and more secured than creating a manual password. Once at the time will be uploaded and also shares to friends email address.

On your computer device, you have to enter a passphrase to access, your minilock ID. There is no key passcode or management service to access minilock ID, to enable the feature you can sit anywhere to unlock them. Minilock handle with the Crypto type of action to perform all the prevention.









 Source: MiniLock, Chrome Extension    Via: The Verge, Lifehacker 

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