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Your email is more important you and the recipient, When you start composing an email from Gmail, you need to add some extra contextual features, so the receiver can identify about you and your profile to know very well.

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EmailFooterApp is a Chrome extension that supports to add contextual items on Gmail compose screen at the end of email footer. Adding customize footer templates with a link, email reader can view the link to get the full information.

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The main concept of this extension, provide some details of Sales, Partnerships, Investors and Personal these are the title that links you footer templates, so they can view to understand it.

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Your email will be secure once you add the important text to footer message will be used by the sender. And some more features are going to update that will come soon. If you insert file automatically, it will support to view links, and the sender can get feedback.

Source: EmailFooterApp, Chrome Extension    Via: Makeuseof 

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