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A year ago Google opens his Photo Sphere Camera app for play store, that it was standing alone on Android mobile version until now. Most of the Android users they loaded very much using of Photo Sphere camera apps on their system device.

Today, we all surprised that Google slowly open his shutter to enter iPhone users that newly arrived Photo Sphere Camera app for iOS. This one really enhancement to the iPhone users those who are looking last one year to get these awesome and getting colorful photo images.

Those who don’t know about the Photo Sphere Camera app that was the leader of Android version. The app allows users to take 360 degree around the map that you have taken a beautiful images ever before. To get an amazing photo scene, first you need to set your iPhone in one place, and hit the camera to open the shutter button, after that the blue dot applying on the screen and it shows you a covering images one by one on the camera screen, assemble to take natural scenes around from you. By rotating your camera, your image comes into the screen until finishing 360 image views that you love with the location.

The Photo Sphere camera machine clicks one by one images and it will joins automatically all together. After that you feel the images by scrolling up and down, then you see how your featured images that really comes to your mobile.

Once you have done, you can share your images on Google+ to get feedback and next improvement. Otherwise, you can send email or Google Drive straight away using with Photo app.

It has a lot’s of room to get a top class image vision through viewing 360 degree component and it really likes from everyone. That’s it.

Source: Photo Sphere Camera for iPhone   Via: Gizmodo

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