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When I was studying in school at the age of the fifteenth, I am interested to learn hand typewriting to help my future job to create letter or article for my personal and official that can be used, It’s not an easy to come to learn manual typewriting, you need to look for the institute and they teach you how to type fast without text error.

Hanx writer is an iPad application, this was created by Tom Hanks and team Hitcents.com was standing behind with him to give a nice Hanx writer for iPad users only.

Tom Hanks says about his new creation With Hanx Writer, you”ll hear the rhythm of your work with SHOOK SHOOK or FITT – FITT.

Once you download Hanx writer on your iPad, it comes totally free to access, the Hanx prime selection gives you two more model that you need to buy through in-app purchase Hanx 707 and Hanx Golden Touch each $2.99, if you need, you want to buy both at the time then it comes $4.99. Each service has a different text format Hanx 707 has travel model and Hanx Golden Touch included with sleek and elegant type. Now you get each feature that offers more experience to the users, that everyone know how to type with manual typewriter machine in iPad.

This is an easy way easy to learn, that you need to buy the manual one to get type writing experience faster. Not just that, the same feelings you can get on iOS device.

Source: Hanx Writer for iPad     Via: Cnet 

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