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You can able to shoot your videos in high definition using with a portable mobile device. It can help you to create in motion way picture recording, while you are driving a car, flying in aircraft, riding water boat in any way you can capture videos, that will bring out your video to watch on big screen with standard view.

Hyperlapse is a motion way to create videos, that’s possible right now, before it was not able to do that, because of high equipment camera required that you need to take these kind of shots. Using Hyperlapse app you can able to record all kinds of scenes that you have seen on the big screen only. Almost it can suitable to take motion videos within seconds only.

Taking this way you can able to share non-stop to Instagram and Social network Facebook or you can save the video clips on your mobile device whenever you need to show someone.

Shooting videos is a big tactics, you need to know practically to do, from this you don’t have to be a big knowledge to do that. All you have to do download and start your video shooting with motion way. To perform all of this, you no need to sign up to follow the procedure anyway.

It can shape your video capturing experience. You can feel that you are doing before with a high equipped camera for taking motion picture, right now, that solves this tiny Hyperlapse application on your iPhone mobile.

Hyperlapse was developed by Instagram that previous launch was Bolt app, and the app support iOS 7 and later version only. That compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. That’s it.

Source: Hyperlapse for iPhone    Via: Wired, Instagram blog 


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