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If you want to keep your ready fine documents in safe place automatically to store the data on their respective cloud storage. Once you have installed the cloud content on your Windows, then you have to add the files and folders through from the computer.

Most of the time, it could not help you to do more. It means every minute you have made the process manually on their storage place. Sometime it will be misplaced from cloud storage.

Filelize is an tool that support Windows to upload documents automatically to the cloud storage service. The program main concept is to sit behind the screen to support the cloud storage services. The program asks you to install authorized cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and One Drive as well.

Filelize also support mobile version like Android and iOS devices, that you can only upload the file through from mobile service, it can’t able to add those data into the online. To work with this software tool, you need an registered account to access particular cloud account to use it on your computer.

You can bring back any files and folder that you need it, these all project you can use it on various computer system devices, you can sit and access docs from any part of the world, and also you can upload the documents automatically in any condition, recapture facilities are available.

Get ready email attachment file from Outlook and other important email client services, once you have opened and it will not hide from your system device.

Recently view web pages are saved automatically into the cloud service, so if you need, you can bring back at anytime and it supports Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE search engine.

The program brings you easy service, that you no need to add manually any file once you connect both Filelize and cloud storage, it will automatically save in the folder or any part of the place.

Source: Filelize for Windows             Via: addictivetips


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