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Most of the users they are in love with YouTube content with different ways like audio and video format, It is an easy way to keep in a safe place through download the file and save it on desktop computers for later views without using internet connection. That we can use many times without any damage. For this support, you know there are many apps and software tools are available on the web.

That Peggo came to make an easy way to record the audio files from Video broadcasting site YouTube and SoundCloud audio launcher, and it has many options to get easy MP3 files, this is my one of the reason to get this service.


The simple work, you may not cost you, all you have to do select any video file format from YouTube and copy the URL address from address bar and bring to Peggo search engine to paste it and give enter.

The cool stuff will be shown on the screen. Over there you can see simple setting that you can adjust easily to start recording the  MP3. The same way following into SoundCloud that tracks audio files to record. If you are going to record the quality of video format was displayed on the video screen to select and record them on your computer desktop. You have an option to share the content to social networks. The amazing victory for audio and video crazy people. To have it on their own desktop.

Source: Peggo           Via: the next web 

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