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If your computer screen became brighter, than that normally you doesn’t have and it’s now for you. The device allows you, that you can perform two types of method, one is you can set to reduce the overhead of brightness and another process is, you have to install third party software tools to bring out brightness and darkness.

The first one is normal settings that you can bring any adjustment on your system monitor, but sometimes, it may lead some error while you are starting the computer. This is not a way to solve the problem in most of the case in computer monitors, but if you have done this, and it gives you less satisfy or unsuitable.

Pangobright is a Windows tool that adjusts your monitor brightness and it cause your dual monitors. You can set it in any condition that suits for brightness level. Once you download the program from respective site, the tool will be staying in your system tray. Whenever you need, you can bring out from the system to adjust the monitor screen. Using this program, you can set the minimum level of 20% to 100% maximum length to increase the monitor brightness. Mostly you can use for your laptop and desktop computer.

The usage of tools that only applies to Windows XP, Vista and 7 Operating system only. The program was handled with multiple screen setups, and that you can give one big attempt.

Source: Pangobright for Windows        Via: Ghacks 

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