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S- Unit-Converter-screenshot
There are thousand of unit converter application on mobile platform available in play store. Some application, it comes free and some it goes to the paid version. Now a days the mobile platform are well integrated that brings some beautiful Google search engine, you can find and get the exact solution. In some cases the response of unit conversion still far behind on the web, that you will not get always a better figure from search engine. Because of application, there it has a placement to use of unit converter apps. We have been taken around play store there are numerous number of hand pick unit converter available in Android support mobile. If any one coming with new proposal they need put some big effort on the app list.

S Converter is a new kind of unit converter, it has a clean and user interface, multiple color choice to enable light and dark background face, and also customized with all unit functions. If you don’t want unused units, you can swipe or go through the settings page to uncheck the area. More than forty conversion units added in this application for user convenience. That’s it.

Source: S Converter for Android             Via: Xda Developers 

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