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Cooking is a wonderful art, when it comes to you with an easy audio and photo to improve your cooking skill level and also makes you to share anywhere.

SideChef is a nice kitchen cook book, to help new and well experienced cooks sharpen their savvy and share too many other who wants to learn everything.

SideChef has 1000 of recipes to browse and add new one into a cookbook, give rating your best one and upload your interesting cookbook photos. Your photos are set by the timer, voice recognition, and also search by ingredients, special keywords, and more.

If you have any new recipes, that you can upload easily by photo slide. Your cookbook looks like a photo magazine to get the full experience. And also you can update current recipes from famous chefs and bloggers.

You can view your recipes with different angle using your mobile automatically in landscape or portrait. Finally, you can share your own recipes and cookbook to anyone with email.

SideChef is an idea that came, who love cooking to show their real experience recipes at the top.

Source: SideChef for iPhone  

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