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If you installed  Skype on your computer device, then you may have to know one important feature arrived to support Skype. In some case, If you wish to know the particular contact name and their profile details, you have to click the Skype ID name and to know them. But it won’t give all of the details, who you have in the contact list.

SkypeContactView is a third party software, it brings your Skype contact list from a  local database file that stored on your personal computer. The very useful contact list that includes Skype Full name, Gender, ID, Birthday date, Mobile number, Country and more. Above list you can find on your Windows desktop.

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It’s also possible to save all of your contact and details on your desktop system device. And one more thing, you can create HTML report by choosing single or all contact list. So taking backup is much easier on this SkypeContactView.

How to start SkypeContactView on your Computer Desktop?

The tool doesn’t require any installation or any other files to do. So you can pick the software to run SkypeContactView.exe, the whole contact list is displayed on your main Windows Desktop screen.

An easy way you can export HTML contact file by selecting single or more to select in the main Windows desktop. Finally, you can save the contact list into a text, HTML, local drive and etc..

Source: SkypeContactView for Windows


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