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TapPath-screenshot (Custom)
Chris lacy’s last release was Link bubble as it continues Now TapPath for Android, the mobile based TapPath now, it gets a new browsing experience, and the click made on links that how many times and you can tap on the links.

Link Bubble takes similar action to view particular pages, if you want to run the page on browser, then you need to download TapPath on your Android mobile device and the web link stay in as a default at once. Then you can select the link from the social web, how many times that you take action once, twice and triple taps.

The process is once you tap the link, the browser will open, if you take action twice, then the Link Bubble, Pocket will open and third and finally tapping the link to triple the web app totally explore out of the way from the main menu. TapPath let you send the links straightaway to the Pushbullet and some other service. The app works very well all of the time. If the user looks different way to handle the link on the web TapPath is a nice gateway app.

Source: TapPath for Android 

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