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If you are the one using Dropbox and Google Drive storage space with your preferable platform, it’s not a big deal to have it. Because the platform support using third party application to do all kinds of issues to keep in control of your space. Using Dropbox, it’s different users opinion to hand, such king things, the cloud storage doesn’t syncs straightaway to your system. The file hosting service needs some connection to get into the account and review through internet connection.

Unclouded is an app clearly mentioned that wrap up all unwanted files and folders from Dropbox and Drive. The interface looks very clean with white background of animation icons that brings the both cloud management service. Once you did the process of downloading from the play store, then the unclouded ask you to sign in to make process between the Dropbox or Google Drive.

Unclouded app catches all of your files and folders from the cloud. Whether it is a large kind of files or folders, it makes you fantastic your space to clean and save more. And also it will help you to find, which files are taken larger amount of space from the cloud and it will dictate the source file name to make perfect.

The app gives very few features to make settling down, if you need more than you need to unlock to get little more service through in-app purchase. If you are going to use unclouded App for Dropbox and Google Drive, particularly items that don’t allow to access from the Drive. So the unclouded app stays little behind for this issue.

The new arrival unclouded app now available on the Android market. The app allows to get everyone free to download and install.


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Source: Uncloued for Android ($ 1.99)   Via: Android Police 


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