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Your idea comes to play everyday with a new game on your smartphone, Specially the new game was designed and passing through Windows Phone means, you will not miss every single movement of the game. Shapist is a puzzle and trivia game comes from iOS. The game was nominated for best mobile game category list on Indie Prize Amsterdam 2014. Now you can check out the new puzzle game with feature sliding block using a finger on the Windows Phone device.

While you start playing Shapist game, you don’t have to follow the score, tutorial and limits, these features were not available in this game. The app carries you and 65 puzzles to solve the game. Anyway the game comes with the paid version, before you buy this game, the game allow you to test on the Windows phone platform.

There was no guide how to play the game, but it’s quite difficult to handle to move the block with sliding around the game. All you have to do, your aim is to skid the block straightaway with puzzle hiding to them. Finish the blocks left over on the top of the side and tap the hidden puzzle piece to move to the next step.

Shapist has minimum settings and color block. You can touch and play with few blocks, that may increase your confident of solving the puzzles.

Shapist, brings a few change logs into the puzzle game they are a mobile icon fixed and Russian support Windows screen. Now, users can download from Windows Phone store with $ 2.49 by unlocking the feature, you can reach level up to the end.

Source: Shapist for Windows 8 and 8.1   Via: Wpcentral 

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