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You have many ways to keep away your personal photo gallery, where you can lock with password or encrypt your documents. But you have an easy way to stop seeing from friends of your photos with swiping left and right, up and down these are the option are taking far to seeing the photos now they are not able to see them.

Now, you can use the pre selected photos that you can able to see and the protected one nobody can see at all.

Bount It is a specially designed for Android users, the app shows photo albums on your mobile phone and choose the photos that you wish to share between folders and albums to the friends. Once you tap the button on the Bound It app, the preselected photo shows, in full view and that are included only you selected on the app.

Now, the possibility is if your friend interested to see the photo album from your mobile, which you have selected and they can access only up to end of the photos that you want to share them. It means, your important photos are secured and they are invisibly located. It keeps away from your friends not to access anymore. That’s it.

Source: Bound It for Android   Via: Guiding Tech 

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