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If you read Twitter a daily base, then you may know there is some missing on the web app. And also you can’t find that some most interesting tweet left over and from where it was created. This is one that everyone has issues that Castround come to the Android platform to solve this matter.


Anyway, if you want to see the important tweets arriving from where and which country, city or town all you can get by location based.


All you have to do, take out your Android mobile device install the app to access your Twitter account, you have to connect with a username and password and you can start immediately to find out the very interesting tweets from the people who where else in the world wide.


Once you finish connection between Castround and Twitter the app display the map screen. The app screen end of the bottom, you have to tap the icon that was situated in the left of corners to find the location and it helps up to 10 miles of distance and on the right at the end of bottom side tapping the icon the screen make you dividend to view your tweets from your location.


On the left side screen the list of topics is available that you can search and filter them and on the right side it’s a normal tweet timeline. Making individual tweets you can do directly within the app section. Whether you can do retweet the content from Castround.

You can create your own favorite location, so you can find the tweet, where it was been tweet. The app allows to watch image tweets from Twitter and Instagram from which place it was left over. If you want to see in which part of the world that more tweet are going out, you simply have to find the area by searching or using map view and select the place and pin the particular area to visit again. Castround help you to find a perfect tweets and trending topics.

The app made simple to find the tweets being connected with Twitter using with map screen. That’s it.

Source: Castround for Android                Via: the next web 

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