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If you are a web designer, you must bring all the content to fit into the web screen that needed to appear in good presentation on the website and this could become in a gorgeous way.

Dimensions are a tool that supports Chrome Extension, who use Chrome browser they can feel very well when they going to create a web page with perfect size to add each content on the page.


In this consignment Image and HTML code are the main part, to take measure between the elements like picture, input-box, tap buttons, video file, GIFs, context, icons as well. You have the possibility to measure your web screen through on browser scripting.

Whether your picture is not suitable for your web screen, then you need to know about the size of images, all you have to do drop the page into the chrome browser and connect with Dimensions to start the measure immediately. And also, you can easily handle with a shortcut keyboard to make faster of your project.

This useful extension only helps to know the size of elements with length and height. This is the only option, it was rolled out on Google Chrome. That’s it.

Source: Dimensions for Chrome Extension, Github

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