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JuiceSSH is a secure shell client for Android mobile app supports to secure data network, remote login service and all in one terminal is releasing a new update feature on play store. Nearby Live for Windows phone brings incognito social service, you can chat, wherever your people living in the nearest city or world wide, this service pushing a new update now. TactioHealth rolled out a major update to his iOS users, helping people to control the weight, be a daily practice, check abnormally high blood pressure and these are the main incredients.

JuiceSSH Updates for Android :

Added left/right swipe gestures to the terminal
Can be bound to next/previous window for either irssi, weechat, tmux or screen
Configured via anew option in the JuiceSSH settings page
Added a new user submitted color scheme for pro users (Bifrost)


Nearby Live Update for Windows Phone:

New and much improved messaging
New notifications screen
Fixed full screen image view distortion
Many user interface enhancements
Many bug fixes

TactioHealth Updated for iPhone:

Complete Redesign of the Health Tracking User Experience
MyHealth” Dashboard now shows your BMI or Heart Age as a global health indicator
Dashboard Indicators can be moved around to your preference
New! Sleep Tracking
New! Mood Tracking
New! Connected Health Devices
A&D Medical BT4.0 Blood Pressure Cuff
A&D Medical BT4.0 Scale (Up to 450 lbs)
Medisana vFit Activity Tracker
Medisana Thermodock Thermometer
Telcare GSM & CDMA Glucomete
Improved! Get more data from your cloud based sources such as Physical Activity from Jawbone, Sleep from Fitbit, O2 from Withings, etc
Improved! Export Data now emails a CSV attachment that has been completely redone
Improved! Many new physical activities supported
Improved Security with limited retries and timeouts on password screen


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