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Manual Is an iPhone App, brings Camera App Experience to Photographers
Manual is a camera app work on iPhone, that every iPhone users shoot their image from their system device without using any third party app, some time it couldn’t help and you want to get ISO resolution and long shoot shutter with camera to pick the image for that you need to become an well versed photographer.

Manual is a new type of camera app enables with iOS and the app control all kind of settings with easy way to make arrangement on slide bars.

The newly arrived iOS 8 supporting devices, gives you a lot more of arrangement to set a mind and explore them. It has a landscape and portrait facility moment – all you can see option inside the icons and also when you open the Manual app all the settings are displayed with histogram and helps you while moving the camera position around the place that one histogram action. The popup list are the one displaying the feature of ISO, Shutter close and open, White Balance, Focus and Exposure bracketing. To access these similar functions, you need to tap or take a slide position to change every scene on the screen. The action only occupied with touch and view to access very smooth.

You can able to control flash settings, that brings flash light options, light and dark themes, ruler type of grid and EXIF viewer and all this become for useful things in this application. When you set for photos all it goes into a camera machine roll for saving the files.

If you are a photographer, when you use a manual arrangement and comparing to digital way camera app, it could become to you a big different to handle, but eveythings are not usual items in this application to do that. If you prefer, then you start click few button.

Manual comes only as a paid version $ 1.99, When you are downloading the app from the iTunes Store.

Source: Manual for iOS  Via: shootmanualthe next web 

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