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If you want to make more excitement your friends and family members for the occasion, the well versed app Sesame allows you to search themed gift to make an order through online website or mobile supporting iPhone device, has now entered into iPad version. The newly updated app now getting more flexible to make your order, and receiving gifts at the doorstep and a Sesame Unboxing gift that’s how the gift was packed in and out of the Themed gift box in your real time.

Using with iPad, Sesame can take place large kind of screen resolution to display the picture of the gift that were shown on the box. Following this you can search dozen of category are listed over there.

Along with this feature, the new version brings handcrafted gifts on a monthly basis. And also you can invite your friends through mobile text, and you will get $5 off, when they purchase the Sesame app through on iPad.

Finally, Sesame made a big arrangement to know how the themed gift pack is preparing to know using with help. Here is the link to get updates of the Sesame app on iPad.

Source: Sesame for iPad   Via: Techcrunch

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