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Skype Brings iOS 8 with Calls and Message on Your Lock Screen
Apple’s new brand iOS 8 hits few days back to support iPhone and iPad devices. Now the all tech developers update their own app into iOS 8 integration. Following the foot step right now Microsoft’s Skype went for update to his iOS app to bring a compatible device with his new version 5.5 that includes Interactive and banner notification and few more.

The new update allows to you to make faster to manage calls and message on your lock screen, all it shows on your main iOS center.

After this what you look to drive with incoming voice call, you can swipe to the left or pull down from Skype notification to answer or decline. For an incoming video call the same method has to follow which you have made on voice calls, but the different is, you have to answer both voice and video service. If you make Skype missed calls, the notification center allows to send messages and call back.

Anyway, Skype to Skype is always free. now, you can follow the new update through on the iTunes Store.

Source: Skype for iOS   Via: Skype. blog

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