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Swifkey keyboard a Very Special Keyboard for iOS, Design Only "Learn From You"
A very special Keyboard app Swiftkey for iOS, the first launch was in Google Play store. The app learns from you when you are typing a special content and also it will increase the predictive text. The most important thing is you don’t need to punch all of your text into the field box, the Swiftkey will gather you more time. In this app, lot’s of features are included with speedy swipe typing using with Swiftkey flow available already on Android and now the option was rolled out on iOS version(Sad to say, iPad version will not support right now). Once you have added keyboard on your mobile, you can customize easily to visible the keyboard content with dark and light using the way of the method. Swiftkey cloud brings connection into the social network to access with intelligent.

In this iOS department, you can’t get all of them, which is Android flow out the features. From here you can’t set the keyboard size and placement and themes are very few at the moment. But, the app brings a new experience to the iOS devices and features comes from starting point to the end only available on Android version only. Anyway, you compare other keyboard app this one gives user to access with free to download the app. That’s it.

Source: Swiftkey for iOS 

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