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Swype Is a iOS 8 Keyboard Comes with Word Prediction and Swipe to Type Content Faster on iPhone & iPad
A newly released Swype is an iOS 8 support on mobile app, It can do type your content very faster swipe between typing the keyboard. They already arrived on Android version and offering the totally function that you don’t want to use to jump your fingers inside the small keyboard button. The app collaborated with Android Manufacturers and also the Nuance communication are one released on the App Store to support iOS smartphone device. It has a fine coating to access everything that you need it on your mobile. Swype, you can use for a Personal dictionary whenever you need to load a new content that you can boost it. And also the keyboard start with first letter it will automatically recognize you to fulfill all the words and also there are manual input service.

Swype means iOS 8, adds predictive text, pressing long time of words or keyboard, it will explore a new text or word correction. So the app helps you to bring out, what you think about. The app release the Swype adds a five type of themes that can use on the mobile device. After reading this article, if you want to download and install the app on your app, you need to spend a little money $1 through the iTunes Store to grab the app smoothly.

Source: Swype for iOS 

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