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If you want to share downloaded files or your own photos and videos on your friends profile and you look forward to keep a minimum of time period on the server system. Here is the very useful app that comes recently to approach on iPhone users, Tiiny is an iPhone app stands a minimum time of your photos and videos, when you share with friends. The newly arrived Tiiny app was developed by Digg co-founder Kavin Rose has rolled out on the App Store, the aim that iPhone users can get the full treatment.

Tiiny app delivers you a grid size of photos and videos applicable the people that you follow them. No possibility to enlarge the picture resolution and also the file will be deleted within 24 hours from the people’s profile. When you share your photos and videos on your friends timeline, probably the image loading time will take a minimum required to reach your friends.


The app welcome to use a Twitter account to make sign in. And it will connect with people who are following in your Twitter that become as a default setting, if you don’t want you can dismiss anyway.

If you want to create your own post, tap the button at the end of the app screen to take a photo or press to hold the button to record a nice video and the picture will be displayed on the right side, In case you didn’t feel very well then you can delete it using swipe to left hand side. That’s it.

The TNW mention about Tiiny app doesn’t display the user, to know that person who posted the photo. All you have to do to check the person who add this picture and how many times the photo gets his likes, tap to hold on the screen display to watch out the posted stats.

The app makes a little bit harder to unfollow the users, where you have to move around the application. There are few more dim features carrying along with this app. That you may visit when you install the new arrival Tiiny app on your iPhone. This new photo sharing app, that focus to reach faster and not to stay anymore. That’s it.

Source: Tiiny for iPhone  Via: the next web 

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