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Trunx are a Photo and Cloud storage service company has launched a new updated features on iOS device, includes optimized iOS 8, user interface, and a variety of arrangements.

In this new development, you can find a new Memory lane extension, that’s going to give you a fast photo viewable and adding surprise photos.

To get a memori lane, all you have to do just find out the Trunx icons and click the plus button and you will get the memori lane.

The app brings you improved user interface with this you can set the photo very fast, and also swipe to left and right having between the timeline, calendar, and tags.
Before it was a two type of tags available and now the app release of his new update it comes a single panel to access Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox and PC photos all to gather in the customized tags.

Now, users can shoot video clips up to 30 seconds from Trunx and directly saves on cloud content and it will never occupy your mobile space.

Finally, the app makes you offer that extendable storage space, so you can upload photos, video and more using with Trunx app up to January 2015 only.

Source: Trunx for Android, iOS   Via: Trunx.me 

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