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Wow Moments Bring You Back Last Minute of Videos That You Indicate From YouTube Site
Watching a video scene by scene on your YouTube site, If you think Its a important video, that you want to share on social media, from there you can only watch full video clips not those particular scenes.

Wow Moments bring you those limited wise video clips from YouTube, and you can save those video scenes, and share them to friends. Because, he doesn’t want to jump to watch particular video and the time and minutes. Every YouTube video has been shared through this app.

The app support you to select the portion of video from start to end and It is ready to share those video moments. In this way, creating videos you can share up to 60 seconds of Video length from YouTube. The app was tied up with social network where you can able to share those links through Wow Moments.

Wow Moments, let you allow to give up the whole feedback, and you can share those creations happen from Wow moment or other side user through on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WhatsApp.

Wow Moments are an Android app that only can share that you have visited last time views from YouTube, I have seen lots of YouTube videos through getting from social media you can watch full videos only. If you want to watch a particular video scene and you will stand for third party tool. But here If you have Android support mobile then it comes to you easily by using Wow Moments. That’s it.

Source: Wow Moments for Android   Via: I love free software

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