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Twitshot App Makes You Tweet With Easy Image Link attachment from Your iOS
What you have to know from Twitter? It’s a Microblogging and social media website along with 140 character messages you can enter and send to your world wide friends and colleagues. But the Twitter has ups and downs features are over there you could not feel anymore. To get faster service for your Twitter account, for example sharing images with tweet it might be difficult sometime to share those image URL, search and download image. For this it makes you very simple to add those images to send Twitter followers.

Twitshot is an iOS app, it’s like websites, smartphone support from there you can paste the links and attach into the Tweets. The app makes indispensable software those who use Twitter account.

It is a Twitter’s one more part adding images along with Tweets, so the followers really can enjoy it.

Twitshot attacking on both way Chrome extension and iPhone, In their extension the tool adding their own icon button to access instantly to share those tweet with the link page, and also the image has been extracted from the page.

With Twitshot for iOS app, you can set the schedule time to share tweet into the Buffer or Hootsuite, Instagram photo links and YouTube preview able to see on Twitter. Any screenshot that you have on the desktop or laptop easily can uploaded to make a Tweet and more. Once your image link attachment done, you may switch to original size and crop the image manually as you need it on your Twitter. This app makes you faster to share links into the Twitter, and the sharing images and links within seconds.

Twitshot is now available free on the App Store, and joining with Chrome extension.

Source: Twitshot for iOS, Chrome Extension 

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