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Alt-C App Make You Text Copy Two Way to PC and Smart Phone Devices on Android
There has been a few standalone applications let get down in the system a long time ago, technologically they don’t have enough a number of credits before and after smartphone came over, In the same manner some application has not favored in this field since the new apps they increase more settings within the last few years.

Alt-C is yet another skillful application for Android, it has an extra feature that user can copy the text to your PC from your smartphone, and again from your Android smart phone device to your Windows PC it makes your flexible transaction between the devices. I here by that PushBullet has own copy and paste feature, and it has one touch option that PushBullet offering you and also manual settings, copy those links between the devices it happens to you when you approach something that you need it.

Alt-C-Android1Alt-C App Make You Text Copy Two Way to PC and Smart Phone Devices on Android

The app Alt-C comes you an easy way, once you install on the computer desktop and Android smartphone, finally you can make an arrangement with new code to connect between the device screen. If you compare other apps, here you no need to create an account which it comes major plus point for you.

While you copy the text through from computer to your smartphone, all you have to do just highlight the text use hotkey alt+c as a default. And you can copy the text to display on your Android device.

Another side copy through from your Android to your desktop, simply copy the text and give alt+v and those text lists will appear on your computer PC. Both devices have the sync option using with the copied texture that you can retrieve the information you have shared between the devices, and you can attempt a maximum of 50 trials.

In this app, one drawback feature that you can attempt if you are finding something on your computer and you want to send more than one text, it consider which is the text that you copied that can only possible to send your phone device. The service only available on Windows and Android, and Mac and iOS users wait for sometime.

Source: Alt-C for Android  Via: the next web

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