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Dull App for iOS, Let You Entertain Non-Stop From Your Device
Many apps they don’t have such a huge program to entertain on your mobile platform, even you need to bring all to access it’s a very few apps are there and rarely appeared in the store. We find out some useful and free delivering feature from the App Store, Dull is an iPhone supporting app, it has a recent update with game center when you are uninterested things.

With Dull app, an easy way that users can subscribe to those streams of content that you very much interested in you. When you think about GIFs, videos, picture, news, music, are coming endlessly on your device. The mainstream of this app, it takes to you more of the time when you bored and wasting enough time.

The app brings those services through subscribe which is linked to the third party so the user gets their content easily with Reddit, YouTube, Instagram and more.

If you are reading those contents on your device, and more you need access you may go through to swipe to left to remove the page or swipe to right with faster to the friends and social media sites.

And the Dull app gets some update features:

Enabled Game Center! Become a swipe leader. Unlock achievements!
Added 404 - Cats whenever images can't be found
Re-color a 'Quote' image for sharing by tapping on the preview in the share window.
Callbacks added once you share something on a social network, so you have a visually
Confirmation it all worked fine.
bugfixes: disabled iCloud backup of cache files (and more).

Source: Dull for iOS 

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