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How to Put Out of Action the Annoying Sound on Mobile Facebook
If you are a regular Facebook user on your smartphone, a few days back there was an update for mobile Facebook rolling out his operating system iOS and Android. Simply you have noticeable the app started with making noise. This feature available a couple of days back when you scroll down with finger for refresh the page or enter a comment on the post. It makes some different with annoying sound, and totally unacceptable. Here you can get the tips how to switch off the uncomfortable noise in Android and iOS devices.

Facebook has a lot of unusual sounds files over their user they don’t care about and the new update really fit for this action. With the app, you want to know where the sound was coming from while you refresh the feed you can hear the annoying noise every second the action you do again.

How to turn off on iOS

The iOS device, find the More button–> Settings–> find the Sounds –>In-App Sounds turn off the stats.

How to turn off on Android

If you are running Android device, tap the three lines of icons available in the top right corner and find the Settings click once. After that you may find the Sounds and click on the right mark to turn off them. That’s it.


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