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Instant Automatically Tracks Yours Daily App Usage and Fitness for Android
Instant- Quantified Self from Android, people who are mostly like and consuming with technology to know very much, their tracking apps and personal movements – a good amount of apps that you have choosing for nearly to measure everyday being a sports, travel, and time spending a long time with your smartphone within time frame. In the same manner, you should download some useful apps to know the feature and their information.

With new Instant 2.0 – Quantified Self, now anyone can approach on Android market, as an alternative the app offering a single phase of tracking almost that you want to know about it, added device, apps usage, fitness and travel time. It will remind you those apps like Moment and a few others are available on Google Play Store these are the example piece, which it comes to calculate everything about your phone and apps that you spent on it.

Instant 2.0 available features:

Automatically track your device usage time & daily unlock count
Track your app usage
Integrated with Google Fit to track your fitness and travel time
Graphs for a Quantified Self
Get reminders as notifications according to usage time
Widget for quick tracking

Source: Instant – Quantified Self  for Android 

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