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Magic Actions for YouTube Is the Best Video Playback Experience on YouTube
Watching a YouTube video website has been offered with many settings for the past few years. Every time we visit there has a new update overlay on the service, sometime the features are comes out and gone away, the reason is it can’t support your options. If you face any diversions while you watch the video at the time, or you can hold those automated video playback, Magic Actions for YouTube is a nice and simple way to manage everything that coated himself.
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The Extension is supporting Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Once you have done the installation, you may find some important features and enhancement right from here.

1. While using the Magic Actions extension for YouTube, it gives you a lot of settings when you start watching your favorite videos. If you don’t test this extension, then definitely add to your browser I think no one can give such a huge material to control the video files. You never been used those hidden features to control and adjust to YouTube video playback experience. You normally wish to access grab the video volume or uses keyboard. And now you can use the mouse wheel to control volume.

2. This feature works extremely for Auto High Definition functionality. If you give more importance while playing YouTube video experience and the video comes on clear resolution, the Auto HD feature highlight you the video automatically plays while you set the high definition file format on the video site. If you want to set an Auto HD feature using with Magic Actions for YouTube extension it will not come with ease. A few steps to take action to visit Magic option where you can find check box make a right click to “Enable Auto HD” That’s it. Once you make the right mark after that move one step below to set the default high definition features which it is started with low point of 240p up to 720p or 1080p.

3. Watching cinema is more important with different atmosphere, where you can catch from your YouTube site, and it comes very simple on to you. Normally you may find some HD videos available and getting around to your part. Instead, the cinema option will gets in the middle of the screen, and covered with dim lighting. To set this feature, once you click the filmstrip icon, and the full color block shows you chance to change the colors and finally make sure to save your changes.

Finally, the extension has video frame capture functionality with just one click approachment, easy customize for user profiles, and the browser switches off and on to watch video in night mode. That’s it.

Source: Magic Actions for YouTube, Chrome Extension, Opera

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