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Mini YouTube Extension Brings You Video and Comments to Work Both at the Same Time
We know that Google adds a lot more feature through an update on his video broadcasting site YouTube, the site gets a step by step with new functions to attract world wide users. May be some feature it might not worthy of the people, whoever watching video throughout the world. Some updates happen through from user comments and some are they not more important to all of us. If we are urging that everyone looks around the web for this solution third party developers have been achieving more and more. So let us take this matter our future concern. To go forward and find out the best answer while you watch YouTube on your chrome browser.

Mini YouTube is a Chrome Extension, once you added into the chrome and open the YouTube site to play the video and there you can find some changes happen on to you. While you watch the video at the same time moving your cursor into the comments section the video automatically will be shown with small draggable screen and there you can make adjustment of the video screen. Therefore, your video and comments stay on live. If you want to restore the previous session you can use the mouse cursor to scroll up. That’s it.

Source: Mini YouTube for Chrome Extension 

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