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Pipes for iOS, It cares about your favorite topics like a celebrity and many things that you most interest you. After the app launching this is the first update I think so and the people those who following this Pipe brings you a huge feature with number of enhancements.

The app concentrates people who need most interesting think they can get with this update.

Here is a Pipes v 2.0 brings a lot with more design and it comes to meet all the requirement to show the performance and easy to access the app.

Along with Pipes, the app introduces Pipeline is now activate. The service which mashed up all of your Pipes user interfaces, It’s a very simple to understand and what it collects the mixed use of content on day to day.

A few more feature the app puts his name “What’s hot” supports to identify the pipe, enabling some top stories and hot news comes easy subscribe to move on a new pipe. We could see many social sites giving a beautiful photos culture and the pipes brings the images along with news. Along with the database increased his size with 10X and three times bigger than previous.

Now the new Pipes v 2.0 updated feature available on the App Store.

Source: Pipes for iOS           Via: Pipes blog 

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