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Short App for iOS, If You Are Busy Time the Moment Allow You to Read Article in Minutes or   Less than
The Alexander Muench’s Short App has confidence that you access anytime with smartphone and wasting your time for unusual things standing for a better time to use. When you will get the spare of time, and the app provides you to read the articles within minutes or less than.

The Short App for iPhone and iPad that you have saved those favorite articles into the Pocket, Readability, Instapaper and ReadingPack. And display you each article how many minutes it will take a time to finish for users. The matter was filtered to selectively view, so you can pick the feed to read articles they can perform within 10 minutes or less than.

Your reading habits have never fallen down, because wherever you go the content with you even your place in a dark mode to get the reading experience and possible to change the color settings and also your progress time indicator placed on the top screen of the article and you know where you are in the middle of the article.

To sign up on Short App, you need to log in through Twitter so the connected channels will be saved into the mark. For some reason, if you want to access with new log in credential for another device, and the app never asks you to reconnect them.

If you want to skip those articles, you can swipe the right hand side of the screen faster to close, reset to the previous page or enter into the menu. While doing a swipe to left in the feed area or move those contents to the archive and delete in preview mode.

Finally, those articles that you have filter from the Short app, you can share easily into the social media like Twitter, Facebook, Safari, copy and paste the link or use it on iOS 8 sheet.

The useful feature from Short App, it gives a free to download from the App Store, right now there is no Android supporting app, In future you may bind the app on your Android smartphone. That’s it.

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