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SwiftKey App Includes Emoji Prediction, Languages, Flow Letters on iPad and More

Image Credit: Swiftkey

When Apple’s iOS product released for third party keyboards, Swiftkey gets a best app performance both on Android and iOS – and sharing faster his output in keyboards battle area.

The app standing a little bit toward the rear from the Android version, and now the Swiftkey app gets his new update for iOS with more interesting and very useful features right very close to the people.

Swype Is a iOS 8 Keyboard Comes with Word Prediction and Swipe to Type Content Faster on iPhone & iPad

Let user can access with Swiftkey it has a feature that emoji prediction for user that anyone using their expression through words never goes under threat. And the machine read those words and Phrases the matter of concern. Along with this, tapping with the smiley button at the end of the bottom left side of the keyboard, you may find more than 800 fun emoji available.

Swiftkey brings flow method onto iPad, except iPhone and iPad touch compatible devices. Swiftkey flow works faster swiping across the keyboard, screen and deliver immediately with the predictions.

The keyboard app brings in previous update 20 plus languages and includes 11 more languages and it now comes total 35 languages. So user can choose at the same time two languages to access for message.

Finally, the Swiftkey app gets some regular bug fixes and app layout improvements. Do you want to know more, please access below the links give the feedback.

Source: Swiftkey for iOS and Android           Via: Swiftkey blog 

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