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Google's Data Saver Enhances for Chrome Web Pages to Save Low Bandwidth
Google ultimately introduces a new Chrome Extension Data Saver support you to decrease the data with compress the web page you surf on the low bandwidth. If you ask where it could be useful on the web? Before you access pages on your browser the extension improves, full HTTPS/SSL and incognito mode doesn’t work at the moment, and it will serve with new Chrome browser.

Once you install the extension on your Google Chrome, it feels you immediately on your browser when you click the chrome toolbar it reveal you how much amount of data has been taken after compression and also it can turn off your data saver. If you need then enable it.

The Data Saver helps extension on your Android and iOS. To run the tool, move into the settings, click Data Saver from your PC.

Source: Data Saver for Chrome Extension  Via: the next web 

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