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Huey Android App Brings Up Ambient Lightening Experience on Watching TV, Movies and Games With   Huey Bulb
What kind of experience do you need while watching movies, TV shows and games? Huey is going to be given a right answer while watching those entertainment shows with this you can change the way you need with the Huey bulb. The app uses your smartphone camera machine and microphone devices to bring the modification in the ambient light of colors on Philips Huey or LIFX light bulbs. When you start the TV program, Movies, and games. Once you have made the connection between Huey and Huey bridge, and puts up some settings, then wait and watch what’s going on.

While media runs, Huey brings up some colors along with sound and deliver same lightening, and allow you more extreme and surrounding experience. Once you accept Hue settings, you can bring the adjustment of colors inside of the watching movie, TV or games. Hue makes some action on your TV shows, enlarge you all things behind you watching screens. The app gets some unbelievable things on
your media live and keeping Hue in high profile at your home.

Huey Includes Some Features:

Accurate color detection
Downloadable plugins
Eyedropper tool for previewing color and RGB values.
Resizable color field for complete control.
Turn lights on or off.
Adjust light brightness.
microphone sensitivity slider for SoundBrite (brightness)
manual IP/hostname Philips hue bridge input
Support for material design

To touch all the way, you need to add Huey app, Hue or LIFX light bulbs and connect with Hue bridge. So go ahead to Google Play Store to get more details and their download.

Source: Huey for Android  

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