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Meerkat Brings Live Stream Video on Twitter Using With iPhone/iPad
Meerkat, It’s not a live video streaming program app that comes a whole day service. But you can feel something another platform. Introducing Meerkat on iOS device, lets users can watch live streaming video on Microblogging Twitter just a few clicks.

You can start from App Store to pick Meerkat to download on your smartphone and you will find some good things on the app inside, and you just find and click the “stream” your video pushed instantly on your social feeds. While your friends added Meerkat, and they will get a push notification message to your live stream from there you can watch, make comments and interact with them.

People who are a Twitter follower they only can watch live video, and there is no repetition to be there on video. You can save those live streams on your smartphone, but the app skips away to save them. Streaming video can watchable on the web, the app has a simple design to access anything that come to us easily on the board.

Source: Meerkat for iOS 

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