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Palabre for Android, RSS and Feedly Support, Material Design and Smart Watch Wear
We all know that almost two years back that Google Reader was closed his service. On the next day the new Feedly becomes one of the RSS reader services. There are a lot of apps available on Google Play Store. Now the app developers are following Android Lollipop 5.0 to create Material design, but the Feedly app is the gainer and everyone like inner layout.

LevelUp Studio’s Palabre, who behind with Beautiful Widgets, Bighter Weather and Plume. If you check out those apps you know very well the Palabre is going to be rocking with full features. The app completely well designed with Material Design and they care you.

Once you download the Palabre on your Android smartphone device, on first launching you have an option to log in with support of Feedly account or you can start straight away by tapping “Start” button. And your recommendation pages are technology, Android, News, Food, Cars, Science, Design, Sports, Movies, and More. Each class has one of the websites notion are included to follow everyone. On the app page you may find the end of right corner there is (+) mark button to add manually each category.

Once you have fixed your settings, now you can view like a magazine style all of your web pages. And you can find on the top of the page there was list of title categories available over there. If you log in with Feedly then you can see the Popular tab which it includes a mix wised web page floating over there. Tapping each article it will reveal the full article web page read or some article redirected into their own website. And you can find some amazing feature was increased in this service, once you start working into this app.

The feature concept of this app that brings RSS and Feedly support generation, and Palabre did lots of things at the moment. The app brings some easy content to add and the text are being at the bottom level of functions. When you go to read the article you can easily adjust the text size to your interest based, share much like a story, and save it to view later.

The Palabre app has a self customization to bring a better experience for your likes. As default the app web page brings a light weight theme with nice layout. And you can change into the dark background theme and design perfection. You can refresh the whole web pages, mark and unmark the article from three dot vertical line and rest of thing tapping particular title one and more.

Here is the list of features is included in Palabre app:

- RSS support
- Feedly support with full synchronisation of articles
- Material design with delightful animations
- Beautiful Magazine or List user interface
- Readability support
- Built-in browser or use your own browser to read articles
- Manage your sources, their categories
- Browse the most popular articles (Feedly only)
- Search within articles
- Mark as read (manual, automatic on scroll)
- Change reading order (oldest/newest first)
- Dark theme
- Save articles for reading later
- Share articles
- Android wear support

The Palabre app gives some try on your smartphone, if you welcome more service then you may go to In-app purchase available on Google Play Store.

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