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Steller App for iOS Brings You a New Look for Storytelling on Your iPhone

Credit Image: Steller

Steller gives everyone chance story to tell, the mobile based storytelling app creates good-looking short stories with uploading photos, videos, and text and the app recently announced a new update feature fixed for recondition and settled with advance improvement. The new version comes to make everything easy to access, explored a new equipment that all comes very simple to all Steller users who need to create a visual type of stories. In this feature the app brings a browsing experience with new layout, user to search content faster and all made with their interest.

The app completely interested in a mobile device, with covering daily aspects, story project, share and discover your visual stories all you can find in one single platform.

The new Steller refurbished that any user can tell their stories through mobile devices, with new Steller v 3.0:

The app brings advance’s page layouts well versed with themes to users who can survive throughout the design and get more excited about the story.

Make personalize with updated theme, fonts, colors, graphic design, and overlays with simple design out.

You can upload photos and videos once at the time. Formulate the story to apply on layout to media, text, edit the photos and video clips, and set the pages. Before you publish the story keep into the draft and return to live.

Discover the story writer who lives around the world, through browsing with the new story suggestion at the end of the story. And search authors and their stories from your network, which is available under the following team and they follow and stories what they mostly liked, give comments and return the stories.

Source: Steller for iOS 

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