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Sunsetscreen Reduce Your Windows PC Screen at Evening Time
A new SunsetScreen from Skytopia brings a free Windows PC support which involves to glare off your computer screen at evening time.

The software program brings some changes to the computer screen with floating color to eye sight. Instead the whole day it stays in brightness at the same time in the night mode. But the tool takes his full control throughout the day and night.

Everyone knows about F.lux it comes earlier to Windows with the same feature, but the new Sunsetscreen has some advance function. Using this application you can modify an exact sunrise time, number of hours, hue, saturation, reduce the screen into day and night colors.

In this feature, reducing your Windows screen aspect to the blue light color in the evening or night sometime it may support you to skip those issues with melatonin production, by dimming those original colors on the screen and it comes easily to circle at the night, so you will get a peaceful sleep all the time. The Sunsetscreen program which includes sunrise and sunset itself can not do automatically if you compare to F.lux, while the tool carry with less automatic functionality and it will provide you more setup on your daily based.

Sunsetscreen gives more control to adjust the color process using with manual rights, but the F.lux something different it doesn’t allow the ups and down only it can do automatically everything about settings on sunrise and sunset. Some of the user they look pre-installed functions, but you can’t go through any color settings, by quitting the only automatic way is custom adoption that is the best deal forever.

Sunsetscreen runs all types of Windows platform, but you need .NET 3.5 or later on your computer device.

Source: Sunsetscreen for Windows  

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