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Twitter's Periscope Is a Meerkat Style Live Video Broadcast App
At the moment Live video streaming apps that everyone like especially all media. You know very well the recent arrival Meerkat for iOS has a live video stream thought it has some error while you click on the link. And now the same function Twitter was delivered a new Periscope app for iPhone, with live stream support to view on the web.

The Periscope app allowing live broadcast anything like international news or breaking news, straightaway video, using with few couple of taps. But Meerkat doesn’t have video saving method at the same time Periscope can easily save video streams so you can make replay again. It is a feature that Periscope rolled out his extraordinary and the main goal that it comes one of my live stream video platforms in this app edition.

From the app, it comes everything right through giving a full statement. Once you deliver your video to broadcast it’s over and over that you will thing, but if your follower like those video streams you can make it for replay the video so user can keep and watch for a later time. And they can make a maximum comment and live hearts. You can set those videos for one day maximum but if you want to remove in between it can possible.

If you want to send live stream video to particular people, you need to lock that person before you go to live the broadcast who wants to bring inside the broadcast team. These can possible to share on Twitter account by tapping the bird icon before you start broadcasting and also edit the link so your Twitter follower who don’t have smartphone support they can view on the web.

Once you sign in through Twitter account, you can manage your notification on Periscope and it will suggest to you whom to follow or unfollow the people while you don’t want to set then it will go live. Finally the Periscope keeps track live stream and replay that you will get comment and getting more hearts the app will be placed in the “Most loved” list.

Updated 27/05/2015:  Periscope is now available on Android Market, what you have done in the past on the iOS the same function the team provided, but some changes it happen on Android with full enhancement. And support Android Kitkat 4.4 and later version. Via: Persicope.tv, Twitterblog

Source: Periscope for iOS   Via: the verge 

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