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ARC Welder Extension Test Your Android Apps on Chrome Notebook, Windows, Mac OS X   and Linux
Google offers to any Android developer bringing their Android project apps on their Chrome browser, the team interested to allow developers to test their products. It can help any users to run Android apps to the Chrome extension and also the Chrome depends on to the Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux based operating system.

ARC, it has been a lately arrived beta version, so the Google brings out his limited service and simply moved into the ARC. Which it comes a better result between Google and their developers. And now the extension taking a three big important feature they are APK, Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook onward with developer preview it will allow any developer to run the particular app through ARC with an a support of Chrome extension.

Here you can take the tips to start and test the Android apps:

Once you have installed the ARC Welder, Open ARC from your Chrome browser, and include your Android APK, and choose the options. Once you click the “Launch App” to test your app on any chorme book, Windows, OS X or Linux you can find the file bug which is the one that not working properly at the moment.

Using ARC Welder, click to Download Zip and upload easily the ZIP file from your Chrome browser. When you are going to test these APK on your ARC Welder, developers allow you to use Tablet or Big screen Landscape devices, check before you are going to test that your device has to work both touch and with a finger touch screen on Chromebooks.

ARC Welder is still in beta condition, it will not support all of Google Play Service products at the moment. Anyway, you can find some run APIs (Auth (OAuth2, Google Cloud Messaging for Android, the Google+ Platform for Android, Google Maps, location & Places, Google Mobile Ads, and the extension bringing more excitement on Chrome OS.

Source: ARC Welder for Chrome Extension  Via: Chrome Developer

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