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Flynx Browser Runs Articles & Links in the Background Apps on Android Device
Flynx, it has a feature that carries a few options and the browser runs in the background section, that allow you to take advantage of browsing experience those who are multitasking. The design is small and easy to bring everything in front of you, Flynx support you to save the mobile reading list with well versed so you never fall on misleading over there. As per the app, you can save reading content on your mobile when your nearest wireless goes offline.

With Flynx make arrangement floating browser to find articles or links on social network Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and many others, you find the globe icon on the web page. Just tap the web link to continue reading habit, and Flynx support to run in the background screen. Once you press the icon and the famous apps opens those items that you have kept on reading mode.

This is going to help when you make tap twice at the time the app allow you to save the articles or picture links to view for later or uses in offline mode. While you are saving one and more article or blog links and it will set on icon so you know very well the number of links standing behind the screen. The maximum saving items is four and send those links to Facebook, Twitter, Pushbullet and few more.

Flynx is not a new concept in this segment. Link Bubble is an Android app also getting same perform. But Flynx is free to all Android users, but the Link Bubble can handle only one app at the time and also night and reading mode has to purchase additionally.

Finally, Flynx made easy translation more than fifteen languages at the moment. The app available to download on Google Play Store.

Source: Flynx for Android   Via: the next web 

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