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One Click You Can Turn Off Windows Laptop With ScreenOff
If you support for Desktop then you no need to turn off your monitor screen anymore, but If you work with Windows Laptop then you might look for some third party software to enable manually. ScreenOff is a pretty decent program work directly to turn off your monitor or you can bring from any Windows computer.

ScreenOff is a kind of 13KB freeware tool that lets you allow user to turn off their Windows laptop monitor screen in one click that never put you sleep mode. The portable tool doesn’t require to install on Windows and also it will not ask you to download .Net Framework to update and run. It can simply download the software and produce zip file, extract and move the cursor to the folder find ScreenOff and give the run application as well.

This program works smoothly on your computer that you no need to look to run administrator and you can easily keep these tiny features on your USB anywhere you can carry and placed on your Windows laptop so it comes to function whenever you look that it might be on the way.

Via: the Windows Club, Makeuseof 

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